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How do slot players find variety amongst slot games? First off, technological advancements have led to more slot themes and different ways to play, such as mobile casinos. Secondly, different developers offer unique perspectives. Each slot game company tries their very best to imbue their games with a distinctive voice. For example, Pragmatic Play is a slot games developer that creates slots for desktop and mobile casinos.

With a smaller device, like a mobile phone, the slot games may need to change. They still feature the basic mechanics of placing a wager, spinning the reels and matching symbols, but the theme or bonus features may change to fit the medium better.

At Mega Reel, we want to give our players as many options as possible. That is why we choose to feature slot games from Pragmatic Play that work on both desktop and mobile devices. This guide will explore why mobile casinos are popular, and what Pragmatic Play mobile slots you should be playing with free spins bonuses on our casino.

Pragmatic Play free spins

Why Play Slots at a Mobile Casino?

If the slot games need to change, why would players choose to play on these smaller devices? Well, there are plenty of reasons for this, including:

  • Convenience: Smartphones can be taken anywhere, meaning that players can play at the online casino so long as there is a decent internet connection.
  • Security: Mobile casinos contribute to 20% of all online gambling. For this reason, online casinos have developed more secure ways to deposit and play slot games online. For example, the Pay by Mobile method was introduced to allow players to pay for their slot through their phone bill.
  • Games: Not only does Pragmatic Play shrink down some of their existing slots to better fit the smaller devices, but the provider creates brand new titles exclusive to mobile gamers. This means that there are hundreds of slot games available to those that play slots on the move.
  • Offers: As more people turn toward mobile casinos, the sites themselves need to find ways to bring players over to their casino. They achieve this by providing great welcome offers for new players. For example, players that sign-up and deposit $5 or more at Mega Reel can spin the Welcome Mega Reel for a chance to win up to 500 free spins. (full terms and conditions apply).

Why are Pragmatic Play Mobile Slots so Popular?

We’ve mentioned Pragmatic Play several times now, yet we still know very little of their work. So, what makes Pragmatic Play so popular?


Not to bog you down with too much tech speak, but HTML 5 is an alternative to Flash that allows games to support both video and audio files at once. That makes for a smoother running game with better sound quality. Plus, HTML 5 can run JavaScript, which means multiple browsers can run simultaneously. This quality is perfect for players on the move. You can play your slots as well as keep up to date with social media.

HTML 5 means anyone can play

What do we mean when we say anyone can play? Put simply; Pragmatic Play slots and casino games free support both IOS and Android operating systems. This means that almost anyone can play at mobile casinos because most modern smartphones run on one of these two systems. No one is left out.


It does not matter what country you are from or what currency you want to use. Pragmatic Play translates their games to work in thirty-one different languages and accept all currencies from around the globe. This translation makes Pragmatic Play one of the most inclusive developers.

Great Games

In the past five years, Pragmatic Play has developed 200+ slot games. Each one is of the same fantastic quality, and they are yet to release a stinker. Some of their most popular slot games include:

  • Magic Crystals
  • Hot Safari
  • Buffalo King
  • Lucky Lightning
  • Wild Sevens
  • Mighty Kong

With so many slot games to choose from, how do we know which ones to play? Popularity doesn’t necessarily equal quality. Let’s take a look at some of the best mobile slots from Pragmatic Play.

Best Pragmatic Play Mobile Slots in 2021

Pragmatic Play slots can be found at most mobile casinos. It isn’t hard to see why when you consider that the developer won the SBC award for Innovation in Mobile in 2020. If that isn’t a mark of quality, then we don’t’ know what is.

With so many Pragmatic Play mobile games to choose from, which ones should you play? Let’s take a look at the best Pragmatic Play mobile slots that you can play on Mega Reel.

Buffalo King

Buffalo King was released by Pragmatic Play in 2019, and it has high volatility. Take to the plains of North America and try to win the max jackpot of 93750x your stake. This stake can be set between 40p and $60 per spin, and the game has an RTP rate of 96.06%. Players can win up to two hundred free spins in the bonus features, and the country sound effects float perfectly alongside the gameplay, especially on mobile devices.

Juicy Fruits

For a more traditional slot game on mobile, why not try out Juicy Fruits, a game released in March 2021. The symbols in this mobile slot game are comprised of fruits, bells and red sevens- all the hallmarks of a classic fruit machine in the palm of your hand. The volatility is high, and there is a max jackpot of 5000x the player’s stake available.

Great Rhino Megaways

Great Rhino Megaways is the perfect example of the benefits of HTML 5. As this is a megaways slot game, there is a total of 200,704 ways to win and a high variance. This is because the symbols aren’t fixed to the reels. Therefore, the symbols can change position to create more pay lines. You may think that a mobile version of this slot would struggle with this mechanic; however, as previously stated, HTML 5 allows slot games like this to run smoothly. Add to the mix the games avalanche feature, and you can witness how well this engine copes with the demanding animations.

Star Bounty

If you really wanted to push the limits of a Pragmatic Play mobile slot, then Star Bounty is the game to try. This high variance, six-reel game challenges players with matching up gem gilled pay lines in a cinematic environment. Follow the Star Bounty crew as they hunt villainous aliens in the pursuit of great prizes. The sound effects and top-notch visuals are the quality that most mobile casinos should be striving toward.

Congo Cash

One of the more popular titles from Pragmatic Play, Congo Cash, became available to play on mobile devices in January 2021. This 4x3x3x3x4 slot game is a little dated, especially in terms of visuals, but this just means it can run perfectly on mobile phones. The variance is medium, whereas this slot takes place in the heart of the jungle. The odd layout relates to the jewel board sat atop the main reels. This board is necessary for players who want to try and win some free spins. Congo Cash has an RTP rate of 96.51%.

The Dog House

Slot games that are aimed at the lower stakes crowd usually feature a carton aesthetic. Take, for example, the 5x3 slot, The Dog House, from Pragmatic Play. You can play this slot by depositing between 20p and $100, and the RTP rate is close to the average at 96.51%. Cartoony slots such as this often come with a demanding set of animations that accompany the spinning reels. Not every engine can take it; however Pragmatic Play’s mobile games solider on through, providing a gameplay experience with no lag wherever you happen to play.

The Champions

Speaking of stakes, Pragmatic Play has also dipped their toe into the world of sports. The Champions is a football-themed slot game with five reels and three rows. The variance is medium, and the RTP rate is above average for an online slot at 96.51%. The betting range is quite broad, allowing players to bet between 25p and $125 per spin. However, it might be best to stick to the lower end of this scale as the max win is just 125x the player’s bet. As expected, The Champions is accompanied by the sounds of a chanting crowd alongside many other sports themed sounds. Mobile casino users can rest easy knowing that this powerful little game can be enjoyed from anywhere on IOs and Android devices.

Finding the Best Pragmatic Play Mobile Casinos

If any of the slot games above sound interesting, you will be pleased to know that they can all be played right here at Mega Reel, one of the best mobile casinos.

What’s more, Mega Reel features the Pro Free Spins Promotion, which can help players win between 50 and 500 spins to use on Chilli Heat from Pragmatic Play, as well as many other slots, when they deposit $5 (full terms and conditions apply).

To take part in any promotions on Mega Reel or to play slots on our site, you must first sign-up. Also, check the promotions page for details on our welcome offer (full terms and conditions apply).

How to Play Mobile Casino Games

Before you start wandering around and playing mobile slot games from Pragmatic Play, you will first need to sign up to play at Mega Reel. We have hundreds of mobile-friendly slot games on our site, but these are only available to players that have registered an account.

To sign up to Mega Reel on mobile, follow this process:

  • Press the login tab at the top of the screen. From here, you can access the sign-up page by pressing ‘Join Now’.
  • Enter your details using the keypad.
  • You will receive a message asking you to confirm your email address.
  • Deposit $10 or more using one of our sites payment gateways.

Once registered, you will be able to search our site for any of the games from Pragmatic Play. Find the slot you want to play and press ‘Play Now’.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.